Back on talkSport – and live in Leeds

What are the hot topics in travel this weekend? That’s the question I’ll be answering on the Duncan Barkes programme on talkSport late Friday/early Saturday as Hit the North continues its regular, late-night travel slot.

Duncan Barkes

And this week there’s a twist: I’ll be live in Leeds, researching a story for Heritage magazine and checking out plans for this year’s Yorkshire Day celebrations on August 1st.

Amongst the topics under discussion are the following:

* Planning a post-World Cup holiday? Good reasons to try Portugal or Greece

* Hunt wants us to holiday at home, but where is he taking his hols?

* Tony Benn does it sitting down

The Seatcase

* Plus an on-the-spot report from Leeds

If you’ve got any questions, ideas, comments or thoughts, post them below and we’ll get them on the air.


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3 responses to “Back on talkSport – and live in Leeds

  1. David J.Atkinson

    David, I will be visiting Wales in September, my three sons will be along, Andy from Japan, Joe from San Francisco, Steve from Ohio, my ansesters are from Wales. Our family came to America in the early 1700’s to Pennsylvania, Cornielious, joined the Revelution.
    I enjoy your blog, thanks for the time, Dave

    • Hi, happy to offer some Wales tips for your trip if you contact me via email.
      Thanks for your comments. The blog has been on hold for a few weeks but will be making a prodigal return in August.
      Thanks, David

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