Normal service to resume

First the apology: Hit the North regrets being so quiet of late.

The silence is due to a complex mix of professional and personal issues, some of which I may share over weeks to come.

Postman Pat's post office, Kendal

Lakes expert

One major reason why I was heavily engaged elswhere was a two-month contract to be the Lake District expert for the travel website Simonseeks. You can read my introductory profile here.

Simonseeks attracted its fair share of critics and the recent decision to pull the financial backing was no surprise for some commentators. Follow the discussion here.

I hadn’t quite finished the assignment when I received an email with the bad news. I’ve since learnt that Simonseeks may not be dead and buried after all. More about that here.

Whatever happens, it’s now time to move on – and in lots of ways.

Normal service

Normal service resumes in June.

Please come along for the ride.



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4 responses to “Normal service to resume

  1. Welcome back, David! Everyone has its own opinion about Simonseeks and its failure. I am one of those who was always doubtful of its business model, but I am still sorry to see it fail. I just hope they pay any outstanding commissions and/or return the content to the writers.

  2. I hope so, John. I’m one of many currently awaiting news on that. D

  3. I’m very sorry to hear you’ve got caught up in a mess with Simonseeks, and I hope you will be paid. I never knew quite where they were coming from, but I firmly believe one must give new things a try. Travel writing is in a state of flux, and it’s still impossible to know how the internet will affect it.
    By the way I should say that your Blogger link (you follow my travel blog) connects to your old site.

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