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Back on talkSport – and live in Leeds

What are the hot topics in travel this weekend? That’s the question I’ll be answering on the Duncan Barkes programme on talkSport late Friday/early Saturday as Hit the North continues its regular, late-night travel slot.

Duncan Barkes

And this week there’s a twist: I’ll be live in Leeds, researching a story for Heritage magazine and checking out plans for this year’s Yorkshire Day celebrations on August 1st.

Amongst the topics under discussion are the following:

* Planning a post-World Cup holiday? Good reasons to try Portugal or Greece

* Hunt wants us to holiday at home, but where is he taking his hols?

* Tony Benn does it sitting down

The Seatcase

* Plus an on-the-spot report from Leeds

If you’ve got any questions, ideas, comments or thoughts, post them below and we’ll get them on the air.


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Back on the radio – Hit the North comes to Talk Sport

Cast your mind back. In a previous incarnation, Hit the North used to blog about a travel-talk slot I used do for radio station CityTalk. The erstwhile breakfast show presenter, Duncan Barkes, has now moved to talkSport.

Hit the North will be joining Duncan for late-night travel discussion from Saturday, May 5th onwards. Programme details here. Tun in to catch us on DAB or online.

This week, we will be discussing the following:

  • Travelodge sleep Police; story here
  • Survey shows cheapest holiday destinations this summer; story here
  • Bed & Fed – cheaper than a B&B, better than dossing on a mate’s sofa; story here
  • Boring but useful advice on how not to screw up at the World Cup; story here

So, got any comments, questions, random thoughts or mad urges to voice your opinion?

Add a comment below and we’ll get it on the air.

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