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Tourism Northwest – a follow up

Blimey. Hit the North must have touched a nerve somewhere with Monday’s post, a wake-up call to readers after my extended hiatus.

Judging by the flurry of phone calls, emails and Twitter messages I fielded on Monday morning, this blog is not about to be consigned to the recycling bin of history anytime soon.

Thanks to everyone who did get in touch. We’re all busy and I appreciate your efforts. But what have we learnt from this – apart from some people are rather touchy about their brand yet reluctant to post a view-by-all comment on the blog?

No much so far. I’m still looking for inspiration from across the region, although an autumn visit to Lancashire is looking increasingly likely. It’s early days but I suspect this idea will turn out to be a good story.

Does anyone remember them?

Personally, I’m not bursting to read yet another top ten round up of catch-all lazy journalism, nor swooning over another nicey-nicey review of a free cream tea the writer scoffed on the way to their spa treatment.

I like reading real stories. Or is that just me?

I still think the best travel stories are not about places but the people who live in them. But they also need a bit of proper journalism, human interaction, research, a timely hook etc.

It’s easy to appear belligerent but I’m trying to be practical. So I’m planning to post some examples of recent assignments I think made good stories over the next few weeks.

Then I’ll shut up.

Waiting for the ferry at Rampside

First stop: Piel Island, Cumbria.

Get those comments ready.

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Can Manchester lead the way for digital tourism promotion?

Do you know what a Application Programming Interface is? Me either. But Marketing Manchester has one and is not afraid to use it for the new tourism website launched today, May 21.

The press release explains:

[It] weaves its way across the web and through the city itself, providing an ever-growing source of information about Manchester …

Glad we cleared that up, then.

Manchester has lead the way in the Northwest over recent years, reinventing the urban cityscape, revolutionising tourism and engendering northern pride. It may well continue to do so with this project.

Today’s launch promises to be just the first stage in an evolving digital strategy. The next phase will be multi-touch interactive surface tables at the city’s new visitor information centre, opening next month.

But what do people make of the new website? And do you get the concept. If so, please enlighten me.

Finally, a word of advice: put a link for press on the homepage. I’m sure other writers will have questions.

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